Testimonial - Vodafone Australia

"VHA have engaged Ryder Systems since 2008 to provide an automated PSMS reporting and settlement service. Their support and service during this time has been of a very high standard. In 2016, we added reporting and settlement for Carrier Billing to the solution that they provide.""
- David Butler, Senior Product Manager.
Vodafone testimonial
Data Analytics

Strategic data analysis and business intelligence

Ryder Systems is an innovative specialist in business intelligence and strategic analytics. We provide businesses with the capability to quickly and succinctly identify, process and transform their data into insights to enable them to make strategic business decisions. Our latest offering, “Engage”, is a secure web-based business intelligence reporting tool. It is a hosted application running as a service to customers across a secure internet connection, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own servers.

Visualizations, dashboards, analysis and reporting in the cloud

Ryder Systems specialise in strategic data analysis and business intelligence. We provide companies the ability to extract and transform their data into meaningful insights to help identify, create & measure key business objectives.

BI Analytics and Visualisation

We enable you to

  • Reduce operationl costs
  • Identify potential fraudulent behaviour
  • Transform large data files into meaningful insights
  • Identify new trends and target up and coming markets & opportunities
  • Create focused actions that drive revenue and/or performance

  • Improve partner engagement through rapid, accurate and transparent reporting
  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey
  • Support the growing demand for self-service
  • Create profitable, data-driven actions
  • Measure performance against targets
  • Create actions to drive revenue and/or performance
  • Reduce errors by automation

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Whether it's to automate a cumbersome spreadsheet system, an internal requirement that needs a proof of concept or you have a product idea Ryder Systems can help.

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